Strange Creatures: Complex Tessellations

Richard Hassell is an Australian-born architect and artist who lives in Singapore. He founded the architectural practice WOHA with Wong Mun Summ in 1989. WOHA exhibited their works in the Venice Biennale and has received 7 President’s Design Awards, the highest design accolade in Singapore.

Richard’s art practice intersects with his architectural practice, and explores complex geometries and tiling. Since 2004 Richard has extended M.C. Escher’s works on tessellations and symmetry into new geometries that discovered after Escher’s death. These complex geometries have also been incorporated into the designs of WOHA’s buildings. Richard has created a number of commissioned work for various public space in Italy, Indonesia and Singapore.

During Art Taipei, a selection of works from the collection “Strange Creatures: Complex Tessellations” will be on displayed in Taiwan the first time. The designs reference not only Escher and recent science, but also traditional art of the region, including South East Asian textiles and tribal art. Gallery Sun, at the same time will also open Richard’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan called “Emergent Nets: Optical Sutras” which is the latest series of works, an explores nets, screens and rings which embed nonperiodic geometries in works which are both architectural and graphic.

Richard Hassell




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