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Born in Florence in 1957, Emanuele grows up close to his grandfather, the painter Emanuele Cavalli.
In high school he attends classical studies. After graduating he sets off on a series of long travels taking him through Central America, the Far East, Australia and India.
In 1981 he attends the Free School of Nude in Florence.

The same year he returns to Australia where he lives for three years and starts his sculptor career carving large figures in wood.

Emanuele returns to Italy in 1984 and for three years collaborates with Giulio Ciniglia in Pietrasanta, where he perfects his sculptor skills.
From 1988 to 1989 he lives in New York, working in theatre set design.

In 2006 he sets for another long travel around the world, visiting several country of South America, and later New Caledonia.
In 2007 he returns to India and Thailand , were he starts casting a series of large bronzes, one of them commissioned by the city of Newport News, Virginia, for the square of the Public Library
In 2009 continues the collaboration with the studio of arch. Lorenzo Berni, in Milan

Presently he lives and works between Bangkok and Pietrasanta, Italy.

Emanuele De Reggi





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