69x208 2017120x235cm 201798x100, 2017115x95.5 2017240 x 90, 201133 x 87, 201392 x 49.5, 2013140 x 34, 2013478 x 91, 2013114 x 86, 201457 x 63, 201392 x 90, 2014142 x 90 x 5cm214 x 53cm

Professor Huang I-ming, renowned in the art scenes for his creative calligraphic and ink-wash artworks on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, is well versed in the history of Chinese calligraphy. He has a thorough comprehension of the unsophistication, roughness, and vastness that are associated with the inscriptions of the stone steles “bei” and the detailed, fine-textured, and varieties of postures that are pertained to the “tie.” Professor Huang has extracted the essences from these elements and formed “linearity” that expresses glowing thoughts and condensed philosophies, and has combined the Eastern figurative art and the Western abstract art to create a unique abstract ink presentation. These creative artworks that resemble both painting and calligraphy have inevitably permitted a reconstruction of the traditional calligraphy and the addition of the narrative ability of the abstract ink-wash. This has allowed calligraphy to undergo a thorough breakthrough that has extended and initiated its writing capacity into a new type of modern expressionism. In addition to collectors around the globe, Professor Huang’s works have been archived by world leading Art Museums such as the Taipei Fine Art Museum, National Museum of History in Taipei, National Museum of China in Beijing, and the Suzhou Art Museum.


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