205 x 1565cm, 2009666 PC, Mixed Media, 46 x 41 x 5cm, 2015633 PC, Mixed Media, 46 x 41 x 5cm, 2015205 x 156 x 5cm, 2009

Robert Pan is an iconic artist in contemporary Italy, he calls himself a sculptor not a painter. He longs to occupied spaces through an entirely different method by raising the use of resin into a graceful state. His precise craftsmanship on using resin to create remarkable artwork is unparalleled. The impact of seeing Robert’s artwork comes from the beauty of color saturation, dazzling glare and what they represent. By applying layers of paint and sealing with resin, the polishing shows lighting in transparent and opaque blocks in tremendous details. Robert’s superb craftsmanship comes from presenting a viewing experiences in multi-dimension of color, and allows him to create more complicated and broader scope of artworks with versatile use of pigments.

Robert’s works escape from the boundary of current art form, starting from the universe and enter the Eden of creation. His color filled space is not surreal, it is concrete, abstract, and spiritual, as the color itself co-existed between void and real.

Robert PAN

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