Acrylic on canvas. 70 x 100Oil on cnv, 160 x 130

Sani, a cutting edge artist from Bali, is an expert on expressing women in Indonesia as her inspiration. She was born in 1975 as one of the youngest child in a 10 persons family. Graduated from STSI: Advanced school for the arts of Indonesia, Sani wields vivid colors with unique stroke to transform women’s glamor into art.

Women in Sani’s painting are like glamorous models on catwalk in trendy gown and glow. She is not only capturing the beauty of women’s curve and the image of fashion, she uses different color tone and touch of stroke to show each woman’s expression and tells their unique stories behind the life. Sani creates her own style in the art world by showing the understanding to women through her humorous vibes.

Ni Nyoman SANI




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