Founded in 2013, Legacy Lab International is an art collective consists of multidisciplinary artists, designers, engineers and scientists. Their works stem from research of new materials, technology and natural phenomena, lying on the borderline between science and contemporary art.

The focus of the group is to build, practice and disseminate the creative concept, the methodology and the works coming out from this process. At Legacy Lab International, Science and Technology are treated as the culture itself, not only as tools. Thus, the works of the group often discuss their roles and values in current and future society.

The methodology of Legacy Lab involves a series of research and experimentation in order to understand the physical properties of media and materials. The Lab then manipulates their appearance using digital technology to captivate the audience’s senses, provoking them to question the relation between human, nature, and technology. By understanding and mastering the fundamental properties of a medium, the group can gradually build up its complexity layer by layer, outcoming a series of long-lasting projects.

Legacy Lab International

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