油彩 畫布, 60 x 60cm, 2015油彩 畫布, 60 x 60cm, 2015油彩 畫布 20P, 2015油彩 畫布, 25 x 25cm, 2009油彩 畫布, 18 x 18cm, 2009油彩 畫布, 40 x 40cm, 2011油彩 畫布, 40 x 40cm, 2011

Born in Changhua, Taiwan and graduated from Department of Fine Art in Tunghai University, Jhenzong immersed in the dignity of ancient culture, he does not long for fame nor wealth; quietly focusing on his artworks. In his lonesome heart there comes incredible passion, he created a beautiful world of painting from solitude.

Jhenzong’s painting evolves over time, he draws the technique of impressionist of the West but he goes beyond to include Chinese painting’s essence of the orient world. Viewers are in awe and deceived by their eyes when seeing his technique on how real the painting captures. One will discover his realistic effect incorporates realism from the West, his observation and impression, as well as scientific spirits.

Chentsung SHIH




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