From Southern Taiwan, Polin Yang is not a typical artist with prestige academic background. Yet he had been appointed as artist in residence at Chinese Culture University; and Zaiqing Ni, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art’s curator described him as “A genius roaming in and out of academia”. A well respected critic Jiang Xun stated “Polin simply harvests his brand of art in his instinctive and intuitive world”.

Polin Yang is well known for incorporating different materials to use in diverse area of creations. His sculptures are gentle, plain and full of his care to the nature. Well-rounded shapes and twisted lines of the artworks completely shatter the rigid and cold feeling of the raw material while delivering the warmth of humanity. In the current sculpture scene in Taiwan, he is the first artist using bamboo in contemporary sculpture. All of his creations are the results of his connections between his love and profound memories to this land. Polin lets his past free and race toward the future’s landscape through sculpturing, and constructs an intriguing dynamics of space.

Polin Yang’s latest release under his persona, Xiang Yang, is a series of paintings titled “Shifts of Tectonic Plates”. The painting starts with a serene horizon and necessary chasms carved by a unique frequency of breathing; accepting all possibilities sparked from his creation energy and compassion. In contrast to Bamboo sculptures’ impression of organic growth soaring up through Bach’s music, “Shifts of Tectonic Plates“ are buried deeply underneath Earth’s curst and hidden in the movement of space and time; symbolizing his aesthetics’ evolution in his heart. From heaven to earth, the nature and the homeland, their links inspires Polin’s creations to show his passion toward life and awe to the vast earth.

Polin YANG

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