Dimitri Kosiré is a French artist born in Paris in 1968 from a family that left Crimea during the Revolution period.,and firstly emigrated to Paraguay. Between 1989 -1992 he studied theater and as an actor had participated to a few short movies and contemporary theater creations. In this same period, he realized a few experimental short movies and studied visual art (drawing and painting in the « Atelier des Beaux Arts « in Paris. He also studied human sciences. Given his singular background, he considers himself as an autodidact.

He just got invited to participate to the 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival curated by Lü Peng and Letizia Ragaglia. Furthermore, his artwork has been regularly shown in China (Beijing, Shangai, Guangzhou) as in Europe: UK, Switzerland, Italy, France and Finland.

Dimitri Kosiré

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