Artist’s own emotion, belief, hope, and fear are shown through artworks, delivering his deepest emotion to viewers without words. Thus, we can feel the strongest mood through arts, immersing in artworks and to be part of them. While we respect the greatness of mother nature, we feel the value of human being’s existence.

French photographer Guillaume Hebert, in his five years of time living in Taiwan, he walked with sincerity through cities, countries, and even desolate ruins and lone scattered islands; He feels with both eyes the surroundings that are different from what Taiwan natives’ see. A foreigner with sharpest sight captures through photography the beauty and magnificence that we are too used to but often ignored.

Choosing photography to record what he sees with eyes and feels with heart is merely a medium. To pursue the inner spirit is the ultimate presentation of art. When we still categorize artistic creations by mediums, Guillaume had already comprehended art can be presented through different form to link an eternal essence of life that is everlasting.

In this series of works photographed in Ludao, rocks became a scenery of landscapes and tall mountains. We can refer to the scholar-paintings from Song dynasty when viewing these works, such as Guo Xi’s “Early Spring”, Li Tang’s “Wind in Pines Among a Myriad Valleys” and Fan Kuan’s “Travelers Among Mountains and Streams”. A still picture appears dynamics, a painting of space showing movement of time stream. Trees grow thick on mountain tops with tough vitality; fine and detailed spots vividly portraits the great mountains; falls drop between the mountains, as described “White spraying torrents cascade down three thousand feet from high,

As if the silver Milky Way collapses from the Ninth Heaven in the sky”. These Chinese landscapes actually can cleverly translate into a Frenchman’s photographs of rocks on Taiwan’s offshore island.

In Guillaume Hebert’s photo works, we see the painting’s essence of Romanticism in Europe. Artists indulge in expressing their own emotions and consider it as the ultimate state of art. Paintings from 19th century are seen by 21st century photographer Guillaume Hebert with extreme sharp observation to discover the theme of natural scenery through the eye of photography in the forests and seaside. To show the light and color’s fine details, scenery is a presentation, but human’s respect to the nature is the deepest emotion from within.

Guillume Hebert

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