ItaliaNove - L’arte italiana a Taiwan 藝術家 洽詢 分享Share Duration: 2019.05.25-08.08 Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-19:00 Gallery Sun presents a group exhibition, ItaliaNove - L’arte italiana a Taiwan. Italy has long... Read More
Emergent Nets and Strange Creatures 藝術家 洽詢 分享Share 1/4 Sat. - 3/17 Sun. Opening Time 10:00-18:00 VIP Party - Meet the artist,Richard Hassell  1/28 Mon. 15:00-17:00 Emergent Nets and Strange... Read More
Tso Chang Wu_Mindfulness 藝術家 洽詢 分享Share 展期:01.04.-03.31 開放時間:09:00-21:00 念念台灣─關於島嶼的視覺 處在這座大洋中的南方島嶼,尋找一種私密的「永恆」視覺,好像島嶼在每個人心中念之在茲的存在感。 有關色彩的─ 島嶼─「它」遍處瀰漫著神秘的幻影,在我瞳孔矇上一層奇特淳厚又樸質的光暈,如果懷著回憶和想像、一種對它的耽溺如愛情般的眼神,就在我畫布上染成歲月精煉研磨的私房色彩。 有關筆觸的─ 島嶼─「它」還有一身獨有的質素,用手和身體磨蹭不到的,有如遠看一座山、一汪海洋、一蓊森林;這質素原來只能用視覺上的「觸動」,此番魔力傳達到畫筆,捺擦出渾厚的肌理。 島嶼的自然造物瀝經時光的滔洗,歷史的鎏金,為我訴說「它」在我心頭念之在茲的存在感,孤獨私密的永恆。 Location Meimen Center for Arts +886 2 2321 6677 2F., No. 189&193 Sec. 2 Xinyi... Read More
Resplendence_An Exhibition of Works by Huang I-ming 藝術家 洽詢 分享Share Exhibition Date :01.12 Sat..-03.03 Sun. Opening Reception:11.12 Sat. 15:00-17:00 The contemporary ink artist Huang I-ming, with his "linear abstraction" performance... Read More
水城市 Legacy Lab International-Water City Artist Inquiry 分享Share Legacy Lab International-Water City Date:2018.11.22-2018.12.31 VIP Preview:2018.11.22 Thur. 16:30-19:30 Opening:2018.11.23 Fri. 17:00-21:00 Artist Talk:2018.12.08 Sat. 15:00-17:00 Brief Description of Solo Exhibition “Water... Read More
 Emergent Nets: Optical Sutras 藝術家 洽詢 分享Share The exhibition “Emergent Nets: Optical Sutras” comprises a three types of artworks, works on paper, works on aluminium, and textile pieces. The pieces... Read More
Aron Demetz- sculpture and poetry 藝術家 洽詢 分享Share Italian artist Aron DEMETZ, born in 1972 Vipiteno, a historical town well known for religious sculptures in Northern Italy. The comprehension of... Read More
Ready to launch and unfold 藝術家 洽詢 分享Share As we bid farewell to 2017, Gallery Sun continues to collaborate with the CYF Foundation and puts forth the first exhibition in... Read More
JAN.25 – JAN.28 2018
Art Stage Singapore 藝術家 洽詢 分享Share Gallery Sun is in the 3rd consecutive edition of Art Stage Singapore. Last year we exhibited Professor Huang I-ming’s ink wash art, Italian sculptor... Read More