«Geology of an Echo» Dimitri Kosiré Solo Exhibition

Gallery Sun’s first international exhibition for this summer season will present French artist, Dimitri Kosiré’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan. After his first exposure in Art Taipei 2016, he had received serious attention from international collectors. With months of planning, Kosiré will bring his inspiring oil paintings to showcase the universe seen from an European Artist. Each painting resembles an endless universe, they seem to be in chaos on first sight, but one is drawn to it after seeing it closer and closer. Similar to chaos theory, Kosiré’s works equip with the sum of both qualitative thinking and quantitative analysis. It is like periodic and aperiodic mode of motion collide to lead to some kind of aperiodic motion with order.

“Every objects in original forms are what appear to be unrelated fragments; but this inorganic fragment will form an organic whole by the end of chaos”. Every part of the painting are full of dynamics, the use of colors truly enhance and extend a space. Just like our respect to nature, firmly exists deeply in our heart.




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