Zorikto Dorzhiev 卓利多·得爾志耶夫個展

Russian artists Dashi Namdakov and Zorikto Dorzhiev are both inspired by the beautiful scene and endless landscape of the Siberian Steppe. In their canvases and bronzes, the Steppe and its inhabitants are important themes. They depict the Nomadic historic culture and life style of Buryats who struggle against the tough environment and their enemies, and try to provide different perspectives in the contemporary context. Their works of art reflect the unique worldview and philosophy of Nomads and the relationship between human and universe through various landscapes of changing seasons, mysterious females, brave and fierce warriors and animals.

More than 60 of Zorikto’s paintings, drawings and sculptures are on display in Tretyakov Gallery (the foremost depository of Russian fine art the world) in Moscow since January 27. This is another success after his entering to Christie’s New York auction in 2013. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, Gallery Sun particularly chose to open our exhibition in Taipei in this special day! Meanwhile, sculptor Dashi, who is also from Republic of Buryatia is exhibiting his works in Henan Museum in China.




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