Resplendence_An Exhibition of Works by Huang I-ming

Exhibition Date :01.12 Sat..-03.03 Sun.

Opening Reception:11.12 Sat. 15:00-17:00

The contemporary ink artist Huang I-ming, with his “linear abstraction” performance which was derived from a thorough comprehension of the inscriptions of the stone steles “bei” and the writings on finer materials, “tie”, has received international interest from the art scenes of New York, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei following his Exhibition at the Suzhou Museum.

From its black-and-white relationship, it speaks of vigorousness, beauty and elegance. These works cover a large span, ranging from their firm masculinity and raw magnanimity to modesty, delicacy, translucence, thus producing a special cultural characteristic. This capability comes from his sharp aesthetic, as well as his comprehension of the yin and yang of the “bei” and “tie”, and the life he sees around him. Through his giant brush, he reveals his soul deep within, an awakening and emergence of his inner strength, using slow strokes to sketch out the landscape of a winding dream. Together with his ink and wash, which depicts the warmth and quietness of the richness of humanity, he always shows his deep side with simple brushstrokes, which makes people think and become fascinated.

Gallery Sun will bring in the New Year with the “Resplendence” series in 2019, revealing the brilliance of the sun from the golden dazzling flowers, and allowing people to fall in love in a dreamy Prussian blue sentimental ambience. Some of the smaller artworks display either blossoms blooming or twigs climbing, flirtatious and charming, always amicable and dependable, contemplative and unforgettable. These works differ from his previous black-and-white series, with each color adopting a delicateness of “5 different shades of ink” technique, both refined and gentle. It is neither a traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork nor a complete abstraction.

From calligraphy to ink painting, from ink to life, the artist’s brush strokes describe the reminiscences and the expectations of the heart. A fresh inspiration is awaiting your discovery!




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