Art Stage Singapore

JAN.25 – JAN.28 2018

Gallery Sun is in the 3rd consecutive edition of Art Stage Singapore. Last year we exhibited Professor Huang I-ming’s ink wash art, Italian sculptor Aron Demetz’ intriguing artworks and Robert Pan’s splendid creation. In this year’s edition, Gallery Sun expands the floor and will deliver an even more stunning presentation to you.

It will be the first time for Gallery Sun to present Aron’s large size sculpture in Singapore. The viewers can quietly admire Aron’s work up close. Robert’s large size works had a striking presentation last year, but we have chosen the smaller size ones for a totally different sensation. We have also carefully arranged Professor Huang’s work to give viewers a vivid viewing pleasure. In this year’s Art Stage Singapore, Gallery Sun has two new additions of artists. Dimitri Kosiré and Legacy Lab International led by Dr. Ivan Liu.

In Dimitri’s work, it is full of an earthy feeling resonating with inner emotion. He said his works are not only abstract but also a projection of emotions. When he faces the canvas, he feels like facing a piece of mirror or himself and delivers the most truthful emotion of the moment through his paintings. Thus his works naturally come with very strong emotions and we cannot help ourselves but be moved by them. Languages are not required to enter Dimitri’s universe, it is real and one can feel its warmth and heartbeat. Dimitri’s artistic education has the blend of Eastern Europe’s rigidness, Western Europe’s classics, and passion from South America. “Every element is at its original state like the seemly not relevant fragments. However, once the chaotic state is gone, these fragments joined together to become a whole”. Every section of the painting has its dynamics, the use of colors strengthen its expansion in space. It has instigated our respect for nature deep in our spirit.

Legacy Lab International led by Dr. Ivan Liu is an art collective consists of multidisciplinary artists, designers, engineers, and scientists. Their works stem from the research of new materials, technology, and natural phenomena, lying on the borderline between science and contemporary art. The focus of the group is to build, practice and disseminate the creative concept, the methodology and the works coming out from this process. At Legacy Lab International, Science and Technology are treated as the culture itself, not only as tools. Thus, their works often discuss their roles and values in current and future society.

Finally, the special invitation is sent to artist Ni Nyoman Sani from Bali who is a long time Gallery Sun’s friend. She established MotherArt Space two years ago to help those with need through the power of art. This year’s reunion in Singapore will bring more sparkle to the public charity works!

Art Stage Singapore 2018
Venue | Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 1
Address | 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore
Booth | D15
VIP Preview | 25 Jan 2018, Thur, 3pm-9pm
Exhibition Time |
26 Jan 2017, Fri, 12pm-9pm
27 Jan 2017, Sat, 11pm-7pm
28 Jan 2017, Sun, 11am-6pm




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