30 x 20 x 31, 2015

Essenziale – Bing Wen Solo Exhibition

Grew up in Taipei, Bing was determined to pursue his dream as a sculptor in Italy. He chose the home town of one of the most famous sculpture in the world, Michelangelo’s David, Carrara to be his new base. For 15 years Bing cumulated solid experiences from both academic training and hands-on practices which laid the foundation of his future sculpturing style. Bing’s sculptures are based on the beautify of feminine body with gentle curves and clever faces. Through conversations with the stone, Bing sculpted his respect to life, and liberal to the void. Whether it is a shell protecting a tightly enclosed body, or a pair of hands reaching up to the sky, or a broken feather ready to reborn – they all gaze into the distance. From one end to another, they endure and in pursuit of hope. As time moves forward artist ponders meaning of life. Viewers can feel the radiant hidden within the artworks, graceful and powerful; it has an amazing power to encourage and gives hope.